Hypocritical women!


This is Charlene. She is currently bashing women who nurse in public, especially those that do so without a cover. She claims she wouldn’t want her boys to see something like that. Funny, she seems to not have a problem exposing more of her breasts than a nursing mother does without a cover! Heck, she is about an inch of fabric away from being completely topless! Now hear me out. I personally don’t have a problem with what she is wearing BUT she is crusading against women who are FEEDING their babies. Her breasts are out just for a fun time, saying hello to any eyes young or old, male or female! She says take a baby somewhere else, it is not for others to see! How hypocritical! ImageGoodness forbid anyone have to explain to their child about tattoos before their precious brains are ready for such debauchery! /s

2 thoughts on “Hypocritical women!

  1. People like this make my blood boil. If i were ever to see her i’d sure have a thing or two to say.

    • taurusmom18 says:

      She still didn’t understand how she was being hypocritical. She said her kids weren’t with her like that has anything to do with what she was saying. Her argument about not wanting her boys to see OTHER women feeding their babies didn’t correlate in her brain about anyone else’s children happening to see her breasts all but completely bared in this top. Again, I will reiterate, I think it’s perfectly fine for her to wear this kind of top anywhere she wants, at home, in public…everywhere. But not while she is spewing hatred for mothers who nurse in public uncovered.

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