CJ’s Product Review (BUTTer, Carcass Cleaner, Wool Refresher)


So I bet you’re wondering what you should use as diaper cream for your baby’s bum now that you are cloth diapering! You know you can’t use Desitin or anything like that unless you use a liner to protect your precious diaper from the evilness that will turn into repelling from such creams.Well I have been using CJ’s products for a while now. I have the CJ’s BUTTer in Lavender and Tea Tree Oil and in Blueberry Crumble (HEAVENLY!). I also have the wool refresher spray in Blueberry Crumble and the Carcass Cleaner in Intrigue.

Let’s start with the BUTTer. AMAZING. I always usually put this on before bedtime and throughout the day. Her little cheeks are so soft and moisturized because of this spray! She never really gets rashes anymore now that I use fitteds with wool and fleece since her skin is always getting air flow but sometimes a particularly wicked poo will get her a little red so I spritz this on and voila! No redness. Not to mention her stinky cheeks now smell like fresh bakery items or lovely essential oils.

Next is the Carcass Cleaner. This can be used a baby wash or as wipe solution for cloth wipes. It smells SO fresh and light. Just a couple pumps in the water and it makes a huge difference. The poo is wiped off nicely, the pee is cleaned thoroughly and again, her little cheeks smell great! I squeeze my wipes out with every use and this lasts for 2 days with multiple changings which is perfect for us.

And last but not least is the wool refresher. I use this every 3 or 4 times I use a wool longie/shortie/soaker. It smells just as delicious as the BUTTer. It works wonderfully, too. My wool smells clean and continues to be water resistant every night. It is so easy to use and extends the time needed between wool washing and lanolizing. You can’t beat that!

They have so many scents to choose from and I personally feel like I don’t need to try any other brand I am so happy with CJ’s products. I can’t wait to try a new scent, but it’s going to be a while because these bad boys last forever!

2 thoughts on “CJ’s Product Review (BUTTer, Carcass Cleaner, Wool Refresher)

  1. katesurfs says:

    Wow, your baby must have the softest butt!!! I’m too lazy, I just stick a messy bum under the tap if it’s too much! Must be inspired by your post!

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