From Pockets to Fitteds!


So as you all know I started off with my stash being all pocket diapers. After a very short period of time I tried my first fitted and fell in love! I now had to sell all my pockets to fund fitteds. I still like AI2s for long outings since they are waterproof and still easy to use yet dry much faster than AIOs.

So here is my updated stash!


The top row is Ari Safari, DDDiapers, RockinRobbies.

2nd row: BubeBebe, BubuBebe, Bububebe, and Little Fancy Pants Sleepy fitted

3rd row: All Little Fancy Pants

4th row: Macaroni Baby, Goodmama, Goodmama, Goodmama

5th row: MAGZ, Little Boppers, Little Boppers, and KyroBugz

This was in the wash when I took my fitteds picture.

Top is a lil’ Pooligans AI2

2nd row: Sbish Medium, Lucky Little C’s

3rd row: Bagshot Row Bamboo, Pinkseamstress, DDDiapers

AI2s and Pockets

1st row: RockinRobbies AI2, Little Boppers AI2, lil’ Pooligans AI2, Hip Bums pocket

2nd row: Rockin Rumps AI2, lil’ Pooligans AI2, lil’ Pooligans AI2, Kawaii Bamboo pocket

3rd row: Rockin Rumps AI2, Little Boppers AI2, LilyLouHoo AI2, Kawaii Bamboo Pocket

Here are some of my Newborn stash from Bumstoppers and Little Boppers and DDDiapers:

NB diapers are the cutest!

1st row: all Little Boppers

2nd row: DDDiapers, DDDiapers, Bumstoppers

I still have 2 Bumstoppers coming in the mail and just placed a fabric order for 3 Christmas diapers! And Anne from Little Boppers includes wipes and wipe solution samples with all purchases which is always an amazing surprise and more than generous of her considering her diapers are wonderful and so darn cute!

Just click on the links and they will take you to the WAHMs Etsy, Hyena Cart, or Facebook page! I just decided while writing this post that my AI2s are sufficient for waterproof diapers and I will be selling my last three pockets! The Kawaiis really are wonderful but I just don’t use them! More moolah for more fitteds! Ugh, I think I have a problem…

These two just came in the mail 5 minutes ago from Lucky Little C’s Diapers!


MoMo loves them!

Fluff Hugging!

5 thoughts on “From Pockets to Fitteds!

  1. So do you use covers with fitted diapers? I seriously know nothing but pockets. And my gosh those are some cute diapers.

    • taurusmom18 says:

      Many people don’t use covers with fitteds, we just change when the diaper feels damp. Those prints are way too cute to cover up! You can cover them will wool or fleece to keep everything breathable or you can use PUL or TPU covers as well. I started with pockets and it was fine. I just LOVE fitteds, though. Way more prints to choose from, much softer, you can use Ecover fabric softener (as long as the diapers are made of natural fibers), and her bum gets air flow! I love AI2s as well, Little Boppers makes AI2s with Wind Pro fleece so they are breathable as well and I HIGHLY recommend Anne to purchase your first fitteds or AI2s from. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Aracely says:

    I Have A Thousand Questions!
    Can I Use My BG pockets as covers? Also, w/ fitteds do u recommend going wo cover when wearing regular pants? Bulky? Best Nighttime?

    • taurusmom18 says:

      If it is a trim fitted, you may be able to use your pockets over them, but I prefer wool or fleece on the rare occasions that I cover my fitteds. I also almost never put pants in my girl anymore. But if I do I would use a cover (probably fleece) or a wool soaker so there is no wicking to the pants. Some fitteds are bulky and won’t work with certain pants and jeans or you’d need the next size up. I prefer to use Baby Legs or other baby leggings/leg warmers rather than pants! I also use wool longies in place of pants. The best night time diapers are LFP Sleepys so far. I have a Lucky Little C’s diaper that had windpro fleece and that works amazingly as a night time diaper as well. The outside is never even wet. I am awaiting 3 4ward Thinking diapers to try and have heard they are great for night time, as well!

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