Switch from PUL covers to wool and fleece!


I’m not gonna lie. I was terrified to try wool. Fleece was a lot less scary, but still…PUL seemed easiest. Don’t get me wrong, my Flip covers paired with fitted worked great. I was even able to use pocket diapers with one charcoal bamboo insert for overnight. I let my girl roam coverless in her fitteds during the day and change her when she feels damp. But no matter what I did, I kept running across wool and fleece for sale. I half way bit the bullet and bought some fleece (that took FOREVER to arrive) and it sat there. Next I made a tentative post about wool and my fears of lanolizing and care. Multiple people squashed the idea of it being hard. I was started to be swayed…

Then I saw some for sale posts on my local swap page. And I went for it.


Fleece from Living Green Baby on Etsy.

I have had Mo-Mo in various fitteds (including a LFP night time diaper which I SWEAR needs no cover!) and put her in both the wool and the fleece. It is amazing! And it works!

Next morning in her wool shorties!

The material is so breathable I know her little bum isn’t being suffocated in these. She would have little rashes with her disposables after using them at night. I spray her with CJs BUTTer in Blueberry Crumble or Lavender and Tea Tree Oil throughout the day and at night and she hasn’t had a single rash.

Fluffy Butt!

She wore her pink fleece with her Sbish Medium Fitted when we went out yesterday and again, dry as a bone! I am so happy I decided to switch over to wool and fleece. Not to mention it barely cost me a thing as I sold my Flips and a few other covers to fund my new wool and fleece habit!

I’m actually excited to lanolize my wool and use the CJs Wool Refresher Spray!. I have a wool wash with lanolin and I found my Lanisoh lanolin so I’m pretty set for a long time on my wool care supplies. This is going to be so much fun!

2 thoughts on “Switch from PUL covers to wool and fleece!

  1. mommyponders says:

    I’ve never tried wool. I think I didn’t believe that it would actually keep dry. I do have a pocket diaper that’s fleece covered, and it keeps dry unless there’s like a HUGE overnight soak. I think I like the fleece more than the PUL. I’m still trying to decide. Seems so much more comfortable to me, but what do I know? :)

  2. taurusmom18 says:

    I didn’t believe either, but sure as can be, she is dry on the outside, damn near dry on the inside (I use fleece liners, too). I love that wool is stretchier but it’s also more expensive. I am so much happier with my fleece and wool and my daughter seems more comfortable, too. She loves picking out her fleece or wool longies at bed time!

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