Hypocritical women!


This is Charlene. She is currently bashing women who nurse in public, especially those that do so without a cover. She claims she wouldn’t want her boys to see something like that. Funny, she seems to not have a problem exposing more of her breasts than a nursing mother does without a cover! Heck, she is about an inch of fabric away from being completely topless! Now hear me out. I personally don’t have a problem with what she is wearing BUT she is crusading against women who are FEEDING their babies. Her breasts are out just for a fun time, saying hello to any eyes young or old, male or female! She says take a baby somewhere else, it is not for others to see! How hypocritical! ImageGod forbid anyone have to explain to their child, “why that lady has a heart on her boob?”


2 under 2


278126_10151492039395116_1241735817_oWow! I have been away for so long, let’s see if I remember how to do this thing! My sweet booger #2 is 3 months old today, while Charlie will be 17 months come the 18th. Dani is amazing. I already had so much love for Charlie I feared there would never be enough room in my heart to love another being as much as I love Charlie. Dead wrong. Dani is the second light of my life. She is so much like her big sister and at the same time so different! First of all, she is a much better sleeper. I can lay her in her rock n’ play sleeper and she will go to sleep. I had to let Charlie sleep on me for over 7 months before she would sleep without me. She is so full of smile! Charlie would mad dog everyone. Frowns galore. But Dani giggles and smiles and is so bubbly. And my goodness, the girl is talkative! She coos and gurgles and makes so many sounds and started doing so at a couple weeks old. She actually “sings” along with me. She grabs for her toys and mobiles and reaches out for my face. Charlie didn’t do all that until way later.

My little angel

My little angel

Having another baby so soon has definitely been tough. Only recently have the girls been napping at the same time. And as soon as I get used to it, they switch it up and start sleeping on opposite schedules. I don’t mind that seeing as I get one on one time with each sweetie.

There is so much more to come but I wanted to put a quick update out there and hopefully grease the wheels on my blogging and reviews again!


CJ’s Product Review (BUTTer, Carcass Cleaner, Wool Refresher)


So I bet you’re wondering what you should use as diaper cream for your baby’s bum now that you are cloth diapering! You know you can’t use Desitin or anything like that unless you use a liner to protect your precious diaper from the evilness that will turn into repelling from such creams.Well I have been using CJ’s products for a while now. I have the CJ’s BUTTER in Lavender and Tea Tree Oil and in Blueberry Crumble (HEAVENLY!). I also have the wool refresher spray in Blueberry Crumble and the Carcass Cleaner in Intrigue.

Let’s start with the BUTTer. AMAZING. I always usually put this on before bedtime and throughout the day. Her little cheeks are so soft and moisturized because of this spray! She never really gets rashes anymore now that I use fitteds with wool and fleece since her skin is always getting air flow but sometimes a particularly wicked poo will get her a little red so I spritz this on and voila! No redness. Not to mention her stinky cheeks now smell like fresh bakery items or lovely essential oils.

Next is the Carcass Cleaner. This can be used a baby wash or as wipe solution for cloth wipes. It smells SO fresh and light. Just a couple pumps in the water (I use a wipe warmer with a cut to fit disposable wipe case that I place the actual wipes in and pour the wipe solution over it) and it makes a huge difference. The poo is wiped off nicely, the pee is cleaned thoroughly and again, her little cheeks smell great! I squeeze my wipes out with every use and this lasts for 2 days with multiple changings which is perfect for us.

And last but not least is the wool refresher. I use this every 3 or 4 times I use a wool longie/shortie/soaker. It smells just as delicious as the BUTTer. It works wonderfully, too. My wool smells clean and continues to be waterproof every night. It is so easy to use and extends the time needed between wool washing and lanolizing. You can’t be that!

They have so many scents to choose from and I personally feel like I don’t need to try any other brand I am so happy with CJ’s products. I can’t wait to try a new scent, but it’s going to be a while because these bad boys last forever!

From Pockets to Fitteds!


So as you all know I started off with my stash being all pocket diapers. After a very short period of time I tried my first fitted and fell in love! I now had to sell all my pockets to fund fitteds. I still like AI2s for long outings and for daddy (or anyone else new to cloth that may change her while I’m handing our new addition in November and on) since they are waterproof and still easy to use yet dry much faster than AIOs.

So here is my updated stash!


The top row is Ari Safari, DDDiapers, RockinRobbies.

2nd row: BubeBebe, BubuBebe, Bububebe, and Little Fancy Pants Sleepy fitted

3rd row: All Little Fancy Pants

4th row: Macaroni Baby, Goodmama, Goodmama, Goodmama

5th row: MAGZ, Little Boppers, Little Boppers, and KyroBugz

This was in the wash when I took my fitteds picture.

Top is a lil’ Pooligans AI2

2nd row: Sbish Medium, Lucky Little C’s

3rd row: Bagshot Row Bamboo, Pinkseamstress, DDDiapers

AI2s and Pockets

1st row: RockinRobbies AI2, Little Boppers AI2, lil’ Pooligans AI2, Hip Bums pocket

2nd row: Rockin Rumps AI2, lil’ Pooligans AI2, lil’ Pooligans AI2, Kawaii Bamboo pocket

3rd row: Rockin Rumps AI2, Little Boppers AI2, LilyLouHoo AI2, Kawaii Bamboo Pocket

Here are some of my Newborn stash from Bumstoppers and Little Boppers and DDDiapers:

NB diapers are the cutest!

1st row: all Little Boppers

2nd row: DDDiapers, DDDiapers, Bumstoppers

I still have 2 Bumstoppers coming in the mail and just placed a fabric order for 3 Christmas diapers! And Anne from Little Boppers includes wipes and wipe solution samples with all purchases which is always an amazing surprise and more than generous of her considering her diapers are wonderful and so darn cute!

Just click on the links and they will take you to the WAHMs Etsy, Hyena Cart, or Facebook page! I just decided while writing this post that my AI2s are sufficient for waterproof diapers and I will be selling my last three pockets! The Kawaiis really are wonderful but I just don’t use them! More moolah for more fitteds! Ugh, I think I have a problem…

These two just came in the mail 5 minutes ago from Lucky Little C’s Diapers!


MoMo loves them!

Fluff Hugging!

Switch from PUL covers to wool and fleece!


I’m not gonna lie. I was terrified to try wool. Fleece was a lot less scary, but still…PUL seemed easiest. Don’t get me wrong, my Flip covers paired with fitted worked great. I was even able to use pocket diapers with one charcoal bamboo insert for overnight. I let my girl roam coverless in her fitteds during the day and change her when she feels damp. But no matter what I did, I kept running across wool and fleece for sale. I half way bit the bullet and bought some fleece (that took FOREVER to arrive) and it sat there. Next I made a tentative post about wool and my fears of lanolizing and care. Multiple people squashed the idea of it being hard. I was started to be swayed…

Then I saw some for sale posts on my local swap page. And I went for it.


Fleece from Living Green Baby on Etsy.

I have had Mo-Mo in various fitteds (including a LFP night time diaper which I SWEAR needs so cover!) and put her in both the wool and the fleece. It is amazing! And it works!

Next morning in her wool shorties!

The material is so breathable I know her little bum isn’t being suffocated in these. She would have little rashes with her disposables after using them at night. I spray her with CJs BUTTer in Blueberry Crumble or Lavender and Tea Tree Oil throughout the day and at night and she hasn’t had a single rash.

Fluffy Butt!

She wore her pink fleece with her Sbish Medium Fitted when we went out yesterday and again, dry as a bone! I am so happy I decided to switch over to wool and fleece. Not to mention it barely cost me a thing as I sold my Flips and a few other covers to fund my new wool and fleece habit!

I’m actually excited to lanolize my wool and use the CJs Wool Refresher Spray!. I have a wool wash with lanolin and I found my Lanisoh lanolin so I’m pretty set for a long time on my wool care supplies. This is going to be so much fun!


Brand New lil’ Pooligans!


As you know, I have 2 used lil’ Pooligans and I had anxiously been awaiting my 2 new ‘poos. They came in the mail and you better believe they went right on her butt as soon as I could put them there!

I really love these diapers. They are the only AI2s that I own. I have to stop myself from buying out their entire stock because I really like all of their prints and you better believe there hasn’t been even the slightest leak.

I know I will be buying more of these for Dani when she is big enough because she deserves her own brand new Pooligans. :) I will also be asking for these as gifts for Christmas!



Overnight Diaper Winner!

Let me start off by stating that Mo-Mo is by no means a heavy wetter. So I have used a couple different diapers for overnight use. None of them leaked but one had the foulest ammonia smell the next morning. My eyes burned. This was a used diaper that I had washed when it arrived, but I took everything I had gotten used and washed it again. On hot, 5 times, with bleach in the first load. I’m still waiting to use that diaper again. I am confident my washes did their job, but I don’t think my eyeballs have gotten past it yet.

So I used a Sunbaby with two inserts the first night (one MF and one bamboo) and it was fine. There might have been a little wicking onto her PJs but I’m not sure, I was sleepy and she rolled over on me…meh. So I tried the Kawaii next. This was the stinkfest. No leaks, but nose death imminent.


What to try next? Well I have a bunch of fitteds, Mo-Mo wore one of her LFPs yesterday. It’s still not at its max absorbency as I had to change it after the first pee. And I knew her other LFP wouldn’t be suitable for overnight use yet, either. It has only been washed once. Do I try Sunbaby with my charcoal bamboo inserts? My Kawaii Heavy Duty?

Little Fancy Pants

So I put the Pink Kawaii Heavy duty on with a charcoal bamboo insert and a bamboo double. Way too big. She had such huge leg gaps I KNOW the pee would have gushed right out. I might even have to wait to use this diaper until she is a bit bigger. Scratch.

These are BIG!

What about my new Medium Fuzzibunz pocket? I kept the MF insert it has and threw in a bamboo doubler. LEG GAP! I could have snapped the leg snaps one more in but I don’t think it would have made a difference. Scratch.

I prefer this for a day time diaper.

So I lay eyes upon my Thirsties Fab Fitted green diaper with aplix…and the heavens shine down. I threw a bamboo insert or doubler, whatever, in the open space between the diapers sewn in insert and the back and wrap her in a Ribbit Flip cover. Not too bulky, not too tight, NO LEG GAP! She is secure. So she gets her PJs on, no issues there, have a little nurse session and she is out.

Love this diaper!

Fast forward to this morning…her bum is bone dry, the bamboo insert is wet and the back on the fitted is barely damp! No leaks, no wicking, no soggy bottom! I am so happy! Not to mention I have three other Fab Fitteds in orange, blue, and purple! So my night time diaper has been chosen!

What night time diaper works for you? Is your wee one a heavy wetter or no?